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Share your most cherished forwarded articles and get feedbacks. Get these valuable articles organized by categories and tags to share with even more people. You can also enter posts in discussion groups for feedback and clarification.

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Post by sending an email: send message to with your post title in the Subject line and send any number of attachments.

        Once the postings are processed and published, you can log in to the site to change settings, such as location info (if applicable) and source link (if available). For forwarded mails, please take care to remove original senders' information to ensure privacy.

        Specify Category (Recommended): at the end of the message subject line, put "C:category_of_the _post" to place the post under appropriate category.

             For example, C:Health Tips. Available categories for category_of_the _post are:

                Alert,  Arts, Amusement , Awareness,  Discoveries,  Education,  Family,  First Aid,  Greetings,  Health Tips,  History, Legend,  News, Opinion, People,  Philosophy,  Politics,  Sentiment,  Travel,  Smart Tips,  Wisdom,  Wonders,  Other.

.       Specify Tags (Optional): at the end of the message subject line (following the category specification), put "T:tags_of_the_post". You can put any terms of your choice. Separate multiple tags with commas.

             For example, "T:Education,Children".

            Sample subject line: " Northern Lights and Antarctica frozen Wave Pics C:Wonders T:Nature,Northern Light".