Artless Children Talks - Three Jokes

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[Joke 1]

Baby Blue had her verbal language development relatively early. She was able to call mommy and daddy by 10 months old. Before turning 1 year, she was already speaking quite a few simple sentences. Thanks to grandpa and grandma who talks to her everyday, her sentences weren't typical baby babbles only discernable for parents, but accurately pronounced word by word. This adds to the peculiarity that there are several sounds she just can not make or consistently makes them into other sounds. For example, the sound of /k/, she would pronounce as the sound (phoneme) /t/. In Chinese baby talk, trousers or pants are pronounced as /ku-ku/, she can only make the sounds /tu-tu/. She pronounces the sound /g/ as the sound /d/. Dog in Chinese baby talk is /go-go/, but for her it is /do-do/. Bitter melon is /ku-'gua/ is Chinese. From her it becomes /tu-'da/. No matter how much the family tried to correct her, she just couldn't tell the difference between the right and wrong sounds. After a while, whenever the family talks to her, they talk likeher (ie. /tu-tu/ for pants and /tu-'da/ for bitter melon).

Blue was a little over 1 year old. One day, she was playing on the carpet wearing a pair of new pants. Mommy saw her and said to her: your new /tu-tu/ (pants) is pretty! Right away, she replied to mommy's compliment with: IT'S NOT /tu-tu/. Grandpa, grandma and daddy who happened to be nearby and heard what Blue said to mommy, all came over excitedly. Everybody thought it's time that Blue finally realized the the correct pronunciation of /k/. It appeared to still take quite an effort to get the right sound out as for a while Blue was still quietly playing her toys and looked to be deep in thoughts.  Everybody nearly stopped breathing for the historical moment.  Finally, she lifted her head and said to everybody: IT'S /tu-tu/.

Note: This proves that babies do distinguish the sounds by hearing first before they can speak the sound.


[Joke 2]

Blue's sister Red is 2 years younger. Blue and Red are the best of friends, but like all siblings they also argue a lot. Red was 7 years old, in second grade. Blue was in 4th grade. The sisters were playing in the living room one day. Looked like Blue took Red's spot of something. Followings are their conversation dialog:

Red: Hey, you took my spot !

Blue: So, who cares ?

Red: Not me!


Note: Red must hear "who cares" followed by "not me" often and thus learned these two phrases as a pair. When she heard "who cares" from Blue, she blurted out "not me" like a reflex.


[Joke 3]

Mommy and daddy took Blue and Red on an outing. Blue was 10 and Red 8. At a scenic spot, the parents were taking pictures of the two girls. Mommy took a picture with just Red first. It was Blue's turn for a picture. Just before mommy was about to press the shutter, Blue discovered that Red would be in the picture too. Blue demanded that Red moved away so she could have the picture of just herself. Red did not want to go away and protested: But there was a dog in my picture too!

Note: In their early lives, human do not really feel too distinguished from other animals. Superiority was the bi-product of growing up.