A mom's letter to Malia Obama about college choice

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Dear Malia,
     I feel intruding to so intimately call your name when I have never met you and you are sure to have no idea that I even exist. Let me introduce myself. I am the mother of two teenage girls of 17 and 15 (Blue Blue and Red Red in some articles on this site), the older one the same age as you and the younger one a year older than your sister. Like you, my older daughter is going to college this fall and is 
responsible by a big part for the motive behind this letter. Although you don't know me, but you can imagine how I watch you and your sister grow from tiny little girls to the independent and confident teens from the media since your family entered the White House. Like all mothers, any girls of my daughters' ages remind me of my own girls and make me automatically feel partial to them, especially if they are nice kids. My husband and I are among the die-hard fans of President Obama. My husband will have more opinions to say about President Obama, but for me I simply trust President Obama since the days he was elected and re-elected to make the best decisions in this intricate and dangerous world affairs that we are in. I never blindly expected him to miraculously eliminated all our problems and I praise what he has accomplished so far. What we like your family the most are the characters in your parents that I can relate to, for example, their humanity and empathy to others and their advocacy to a healthy and sensible living. Those are principles that my husband and I taught my girls almost every day and I am sure are doctrines not foreign to you and your sister. I saw that the First Lady tried to raise you and your sister with as little influence from being in the spotlight of the country as possible. I can see that she has succeeded. Every time I saw you or your sister in the media coverage, I saw two gentle and sweet girls who behaved as true to themselves as can be and the more reminded me of my own girls. As naive as I am, I imagine if my family were to meet your family in a private gathering, my husband and I will have a great chat with your parents, and my two girls will become friends with you and your sister. But of course this remains in my thought and there hadn't been any prospect of us meeting the First Family of the United States, until March 24th, 2016. After that day, a silver lining appeared on the dark cloud of my wildest contemplation.
      From the media, I saw that your family has been touring colleges around the country since last fall and making choices for the college you will attend this fall. I saw that you have also toured two of the colleges in the San Francisco Bay Area, namely Stanford and UC Berkeley. My wild thought had its root then that with a very small chance you and my Blue Blue might end up in the same school. My Blue Blue is one of the best students in her average ranking public high school, hence her target school was UC Berkeley and Stanford was a pretty tough reach. When we saw from the media that you wore a Stanford T-shirt in your family vacation following your college tour and the speculation that you would choose Stanford, my heart sank a little. At the time, we weren't even 100% sure that my Blue Blue would safely get into UC Berkeley, not to say Stanford. I stopped giving the possibility forgot that you and my Blue Blue might end up in the same school too much thought and focused on hoping that my Blue Blue would get into UC Berkeley. Blue Blue did try to reach Stanford by applying to its Restricted Early Action with a preparation to be rejected out right. In the afternoon of December 11th, 2015, my Blue Blue was in her science club. After checking her Stanford portal, she started screaming. Her friends around her asked what was the matter. She told them she was deferred to regular decision by Stanford in the Early Action. Her friends showed their condolence and said they were sorry, only to hear my Blue Blue said: "Don't be sorry. I am just so happy that I am not rejected!" unable to hide her excitement. The initial excitement wore off within 24 hours. UC Berkeley remained her utmost hope. As long as she gets into UC Berkeley, she will live happily ever after. The wait for the results from all her college applications was such an ordeal of slow torture. One day she would feel all hopeful about getting into Cal. The next all the high spirits from previous day would be deflated left her feeling despair and close to tears. The fear to unknown is appalling! After over three months of tormenting wait, finally on February 12th, UC Berkeley released early notifications to 2000 high-achieving students accepted for class 2020 and to our inexpressible delight, BlueBlue was one of them! She screamed and cried when she saw the acceptance letter on her Berkeley portal, as if she would wash away all the sorrow of waiting with her tears! Thus the stone that was hanging in our mind finally dropped and our peace of mind was restored with an added joy from the prospected college life of Blue Blue at Cal. Then came the real bombshell (a benign kind) on March 24th when Stanford released the Regular Admission decision. It was passed 3pm and I was sitting in the car waiting to pick them up. I was waiting longer than usual, when Red Red finally ran over breathlessly. I asked over the opened window why did it take them so long when she yelled: "Blue Blue got into Stanford!". I fell faint and all I could mutter in the few minutes was "Oh My God! Oh My God! Oh My God...". So my Blue Blue got into Stanford, thus was how Blue Blue's wildest and most extravagant dream came true!
       One of the things that Stanford helps the admitted students make their final choices is 3-day Admit Weekend event for all the admitted students and their families to get to know Stanford and the life there. While excitedly planning to attend this highly anticipated event, my other wild thought of meeting your family quietly creep back to me. I started searching online where you plan to go to college, but there is very little or no coverage about your final choice. There is only one article from 2016 that said you are are choosing between NYU and Columbia. While there is probably really very little chance that you might go to Stanford, I secretly raised a hope that maybe you would come to the Admit Weekend just to check it out. Thus we allude to the purpose of this letter. I would like to entreat you to consider coming to the Admit Weekend to, literally, check it out. I apologize that I would have just told you up front about this purpose, but I hope you enjoy reading my Blue Blue's little adventure in her college application process. Please come to further experience the great University of Stanford and contemplate all the great minds that were there before. Most importantly, bring your parents and  sister and come meet us (Blue Blue's sister Red Red will be there on one day too)!
Hope to see you and your family in California!
Blue Blue's mom