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5 years old
Tears and agony on my face
Howling and sob as I ran out of the door
My little feet couldn't keep the desired distance from grandma
She was running with a needle in her hand
Ready to pluck the splinter out of my tender skin as soon as I was caught

Teen I
Doubt and rebellion on my face
Already exhausted before I even started
A silent curse was unleashed as I took off running
The destination looked unreachable
PE requirement to run for 800 meters was just inhuman

Teen II
Panic and sweat on my face
Yelling and screaming as I ran on the road behind a bus loaded with college students on field trip
This was 200 miles away from home
Never a fast runner so I yelled and screamed as loud as I could
The bus just took off heading home without me

20 something
Determination and devotion on my face
I looked like a rising track and field star persistent and on time with the daily 10 laps
Even the coach of the University's track and field noticed me
Something told me that I should do this
It felt great running 4000 meters after a day's work in the lab

30 something
Expectation and hope on my face
The hills made the running strenuous but hopefully more effective for my goal
Luckily the running clothes still fit me
The peanut butter with crunchy peanuts tasted so good
Probably the reason why I gained 10 pounds since come to this new place 1 year ago

40 something I
Annoyance and anxiety on my face
Reciting words to be preached to my little one at the end of the day along the way
Struggling to run as fast as I could without falling on my high heels holding a pair of sneakers
Her bus was leaving in 5 minutes
She just wore her slippers to school on her field trip day

40 something II
Frenzy and dread on faces of the family of 4
The Beijing airport was vest and the security procedures were numerous
The two adults would run even faster if we had not the two little ones
The plane would depart for America in 30 minutes
We misread the departure time and just arrived at the airport

50 something
Concern and apprehension on my face
Turning my head and yelling at my dear youngesters to keep running
Can't run too fast lest they would be frustrated to follow
When I get sick or too old to run
Will they run by themselves for their own health?