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Can Cancer be cured? 癌是絕症嗎?

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Can Cancer be cured? 癌是絕症嗎   Can Cancer be cured?   Under weakly alkaline condition, cancerous cells will not be able to grow, or even to survive. 在弱鹼性體質的狀態下,癌細胞是無法生長、甚至是無法生存的。     Actual case studies, very important, please read patiently and pass this on. 實案例,很重要,請耐心看完,請轉寄哦!!     Even if you have read this before, you should reread this, especially the list of acidic and alkaline foodstuff , best to read several times and remember. 即使看過了還是要再看,尤其下面的酸鹼性食物最好多看幾次,就可以記住了。     Please read this article in full patiently, it will be helpful to your health. 請耐心看完這篇文章,對自身健康很有幫助。